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Osteoarthritis most often affects the joints in your knees, hips, hands and spine. But, did you know, it can also wreak havoc on your neck?

This condition is known as cervical osteoarthritis, often referred to as neck arthritis.
Its name reflects the fact that it primarily affects the bones, joints, and discs in your neck, typically due to the gradual wear-and-tear that occurs over time.1

This degenerative disease can give rise to a range of symptoms, and these symptoms can vary from person to person. Recognising and understanding these symptoms play a vital role in achieving an early diagnosis and effectively managing the condition.2
If you’ve been experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then you most likely know the struggle of waking up with stiffness and discomfort in the neck.

A morning stretching routine can be your secret weapon to tackle this issue. Without regular stretching, your neck joints can become less flexible, limiting your daily activities.
Please remember that when it comes to neck exercises, it’s very important to be gentle and proceed with caution.

Dr. Woodard offers a simple home exercise routine of neck stretches** that you can do every day to fight stiffness and stress in your neck.3

These stretches are gentle, provide progressive mobility and are effective stretching methods which Dr Woodard models step-by-step for you.

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